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Each of the 3 Courses in the Excel with Macros & VBA training series offers 4 weeks online training§ & support

International CPAs
Professional Development

Canadian CPAs
Professional Development

Institutes of Technology
Continuing Education Training

We see the opportunity to have this
training available Internationally for
CPA Professional Development markets. Our near term goal is to have our online training certified for use by the American Institute of CPAs in the United States.

American Institute of
Certified Public Accountants

 CPA in Canada

Chartered Professional Accountants
of Canada – Professional Development

Our training is offered by:
- CPA Alberta and
- CPA Saskatchewan

Since 2011 our training's been taken by:
- CPA - CA professionals,
- CPA - CGA professionals,
- CPA - CMA professionals.

Training is online and self-paced§ by working through video exercises
with the on-screen instructor.

George Brown College - Dates & Registration
Business Professionals choose a college located within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Canada.

Training is done online, at their own pace§, working through video exercises with the on-screen instructor.

All colleges offer a Trial Access* Period.

Special Recognition is also given for completion
of all three courses that comprise this training.

Sheridan College - Dates & Registration
  Oakville, Brampton*
Durham College - Dates & Registration
Mohawk College - Dates & Registration
Look for our training to be offered in
the United States by the end of 2018

Look for other Provincial
CPAs to offer our training

Look for other Institutes of
Technology to offer our training


§ Self-paced video training offers many benefits over live training. Click image at left for video benefits overview.


Bonus Materials and Follow-on Support to help you apply new skills, on the job at work.

* A Trial Access Period offers the
ability to see if "online" is for you.

If it's not, a refund can be requested.