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Excel with Macros & VBA online training • Provides 4 weeks of training access • With 60 days of follow-on support

Accounting Association
Training Resellers

Business and Government
Training Resellers

Institute of Technology
Training Resellers

CPA in Canada
Canadian CPA Professional Development

CPA Ontario and its legacy organizations, had us deliver this training Live§ in-class, from 2011 to 2015. Our online training is under consideration by this and other provincial CPA organizations.

Look for Provincial CPAs to
offer this online training
starting Fall, 2017

Spotlight SI - BI SaaS
Cloud-based Business Intelligence

VARs (Value Added Resellers) to Businesses and Government add value to their products and services by offering this training to their clients.

exist for other VARs
to Business & Government

George Brown College - Dates & Registration
Toronto, Downtown
Choose a College located within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Canada.

And, if it's important to you, pick a college that offers a Trial Access* Period, and from whom you want a Letter of Recognition (after completing all 3 courses).

Sheridan College - Dates & Registration
Brampton* (GTA West)
Durham College - Dates & Registration
Oshawa* (GTA East)
exist for Institutes of
Technology beyond the GTA

§ Self-paced video training offers many benefits
over live training. Click image left for video describing benefits.



Bonus Materials and Follow-on Support
supplement your training
to help apply new skills,
on the job at work.

* A Trial
Access Period offers the
ability to see if "online" is for you.

If it's not, a refund can be requested.
(Asterisked Colleges offer a trial period)