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Please Note: Training requires a Windows Computer with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or later
Workshop 1 – Data Input
Create a database update application
by using Excel’s Macro Recorder to generate “unbreakable” VBA code; Examine, fix or enhance
this generated code through the Visual Basic Editor.
Workshop 2 – Data Analysis
Automate Excel’s data analysis features like
Consolidation, Filters, PivotTables and Charts,
via the Macro Recorder; Use Messaging to control processing; Add processing loops and error trapping.

Workshop 3 – Formulas and Functions
Learn/reinforce best practices for formula creation
and worksheet functions. Explore key Excel functions like VLOOKUP, and simplify their use by creating User Defined Functions, through basic VBA programming.

Documents below provide more detailed information on these workshops


Public Schedules
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