Excel “Fast Track”

Prerequisites and Testimonies

This learning opportunity is best suited to those who may be wondering... "There must be a better way to accomplish my Excel work". As such, this training is not for absolute Excel beginners, but is for those who have enough experience with Excel to be able to see how the Excel tips and tricks can be used within the context of their day-to day Excel work.
The following is a sample of feedback received for a 1-day demonstration-based seminar that Dennis Plum developed and has delivered to business professionals since 2006. This training can also be delivered as a hands-on course.

“The shortcuts that were discussed were very helpful.”

“I learned a lot of excellent new ways to work smarter not harder”

“I much prefer the ‘heads up’ approach with the workbook to use afterward,
  I didn’t feel the need to try everything on a computer while I was listening
  to what was presented.”

“This is the way to teach a course. Focus on the concepts and let people explore later.”

“I like this 'heads up' versus 'hands on' approach. It lets us cycle through all the
  features without the long tedious process that typically puts a student to sleep.”

“We covered a lot of information in one day! Very useful and worthwhile.
  There is something for everyone in this course. Very well done.”

“The workshop was very informative.
  I gained new information that will be very useful at my workplace.”

“This has been the most useful Excel course I've ever taken. Thank you!"

“A very professional presenter, who covered a great deal of material
  without overwhelming or confusing.”

“Dennis has an excellent knowledge of the subject and is very articulate."

“An interesting, friendly and knowledgeable program leader.”

“Dennis is a very good program leader -- the best I've heard."

“The presenter is very knowledgeable and entertaining!”

“A great teacher - Thanks!”